Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2006 IPCC report criticised police for hiding identification numbers

I am writing this in the Liberal Democrat News office in Cowley Street, so let's be a party loyalist.

Chris Huhne has revealed that an Independent Police Complaints Commission report issued three years ago, after the protests against the Hunting Bill in 2004, criticised police for obscuring their identification numbers.

Chris says:

"Three years ago, the IPCC raised concerns that some officers were obscuring their identification numbers during the pro-hunting demonstrations.

"It is deeply disappointing that this problem raised its ugly head again during the most recent protests, particularly when we were given firm assurances that it would not.

"There have also been reports of this unacceptable tactic being used at the Heathrow and Kingsnorth demonstrations. It has got to stop. Senior officers must reassert discipline among those policing demonstrations."

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