Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eurythmics: When the Day Goes Down

Back to the late 1980s when I was a district councillor and still bought my LPs on vinyl. One of the LPs I remember from those days is "We Too Are One" by the Eutythmics, and this is a live performance of my favourite song from it.

Because it comes from the David Letterman show, you have to suffer a couple of minutes of banter before you get to the song. You are allowed to skip to about 2:40 for the start of the song.

It is unusual to come across prominent artists singing in such simple circumstances, but this performance shows just how good Annie Lennox is. I always admired the Housemartins after hearing them sing "Caravan of Love" a capella for Mavis Nicholson.

Paul Heaton said he didn't like discussing his lyrics because "it's like having your work read out in class".

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