Sunday, April 05, 2009

Liberal England no. 27 in new Wikio UK blog rankings

In recent months Lib Dem bloggers have been paying more attention to the Wikio rankings for British blogs. A bit like Google rankings, these are compiled from the number and authority of links to your site from other blogs.

I have always been slightly disappointed that Liberal England did not appear in the rankings, yet when I tried to add it to Wikio's index I received an automatic reply from them saying it was already listed.

The other day I emailed Wikio. I was impressed when they replied the next day saying they had sorted out this blog's record.

And I am glad I did, because Liberal England is ranked at 27 in the April rankings for UK blogs.

Here all the Lib Dem blogs I can see on the list (apologies if I have missed anyone). The move since last month is given in brackets:

6. Liberal Democrat Voice (+2)
27. Liberal England (-)
45. Peter Black AM (-9)
52. People's Republic of Mortimer (+11)
65. Quaequam Blog! (+1)
74. Himmelgarten Cafe (+39)
78. The Yorksher Gob (-10)
82. Charlotte Gore Blog (-4)
98. Stephen's Linlithgow Journal (+51)
114. Liberal Bureaucracy (+56)
144. Mat Bowles (-18)

There is a separate listing for political blogs, but they dominate the blogging field as it is. There are only four non-political blogs ranked above Liberal England.


Costigan Quist said...

Congratulations - justice has been done.

Joe Otten said...

Yeah, I'm at 337, which considering I post about once a month is OK I guess.

Stephen Glenn said...

Wow thought I'd dropped there then realised this is the overall not the political raking. :D

MatGB said...

I'm classified under "other" instead of political--not sure why I can't be general, but I'm one of the top "other" blogs so...

It's worth noting that the Wikio rankings, being compiled in a fairly open way, are gameable to an extent, and are also slightly flawed. My ranking is almost entirely from links from Jennie at the Gob and links from Liberal Conspiracy when I post there--in a month where I didn't post there, my ranking fell.

There's no way I should be that high up purely on the merits of content on my blog. But, it is about time we started pushing ourselves up the ladder a bit, it's a good system.

Jonathan, I'd expect you to be very high, you host, for example, the Britblog roundup regularly, which gets you incoming links.