Saturday, April 04, 2009

Litter bins return to Market Harborough railway station

In the past few weeks litter bins have reappeared at Market Harborough railway station. They were taken away after some late outrage in the IRA's bombing campaign.

True, two children were murdered by a bomb left in a litter bin at Warrington, but it has always seemed unlikely to me that terrorists would identify Market Harborough railway station as a key target in their war against the British state. And even more unlikely that, having made their bomb and travelled there, they would return defeated when they found no litter bin to leave it in.

In the mean time passengers have been encouraged to behave like big babies. Being well brought up I used to carry my rubbish of the station and look for a bin on the way home, but most people have just put it down on the station and hoped that a grown up would come along and tidy it up for them.

So the reappearance of the bins is a small victory in the war against infantilisation.


Anonymous said...

There should be no bins. People should be reponsible, or live in their own squalor.

Peter Harvey said...

Whenever I am in a typically squalid British railway station I look around at the plastic bags, empty drink cans, fast-food containers and so on that litter the floor, and I wonder how many of them could be bombs cunningly manufactured to fit in with the surroundings.

brucek said...

I this doesn't mean the litter collector is now out of a job.

Frank Little said...

So that's what it is? Arriva Trains Wales believes that Skewen is a hot-bed of terrorism?