Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two Labour peers face a year's suspension

From the Sunday Times:

Two Labour peers at the centre of the lords for hire scandal have been found guilty of misconduct by a sleaze inquiry and face suspension from parliament, according to senior House of Lords sources.

Senior peers have concluded that Lord Taylor of Blackburn and Lord Truscott have broken the code of conduct of members of the upper house.

The investigation began after undercover Sunday Times reporters posing as lobbyists found that the two peers were prepared to help to amend legislation in return for cash.

They could now be barred from parliament for up to a year and lose tax-free allowances of up to £335 a day.

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HE Elsom said...

I remember when Peter Truscott was a left-wing councillor (sc. Trot) who represented St Andrews, a mainly low-income ward in Colchester. I expect he was just exploiting the evil capitalists.