Saturday, April 11, 2009

News of the World trails its story on McBride/Draper emails

Later. The full story is now on the News of the World website.

From the News of the World website earlier this evening:

Tomorrow the News of the World will reveal the sensational details in the shocking email smears sent by Gordon Brown's top aide.

The PM's spin-doctor, Damian McBride, and Derek Draper, who heads Labour's internet campaigning, outlined a dirty tricks war of highly personal stories about top Tories.

The plan was far more sophisticated than McBride or Draper have claimed and was close to completion.

Emails seen by the News of the World show McBride and Draper schemed to spread false malicious stories that:

  • Opposition leader David Cameron had an embarrassing illness
  • Shadow Chancellor George Osborne's wife was "emotionally fragile" just because she appeared upset at parties
  • A Tory MP used his position to get publicity for lover's business
  • Involved allegations about female Tory MP Nadine Dorries and another named MP.

In the emails, McBride says: "We've got to keep up the momentum."

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HE Elsom said...

Sigh. I just don't believe there's a real story here. It looks like the attack web site is or was being planned, but the stories are the sort of arseing about that you put in a mock up. Story number three might be real, as it's not particularly funny or nasty, but the others are just snarky feeble in-jokes.

Sadly, the Labour machine still seem to think that they're in opposition, and that the Tories are a discredited government who just need a nudge. And they're not even learning the lessons from Obama's campaign about squeaky cleanness.