Saturday, April 04, 2009

Jury Team: Against ordinary thinking

Daniel1979 Blog reproduces the answers given to its questions by Michael Clayton who is running in the Jury Team primary election to find its Euro candidates for the South West.

When asked why he decided to try to stand for the Jury Team instead of an existing political party, Clayton replies:
This is the first time I have come across a movement that gives ordinary people the chance to make a difference; to bring some ordinary thinking to the political arena.
I disagree. We badly need some exceptional thinking in the political arena.


James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

It's good to see them aiming high!

dreamingspire said...

Going through some old papers, I found a press cutting from 10 years ago. The Guardian of 15 January 1999 had: "Blair hails middle class revolution", with the subtitle "Meritocracy to replace 'old establishment'". Mr Blair, it said "was speaking [the day before] at a seminar in London to examine centre left political options for the coming century". None of what he said happened, as those who tried were increasingly stamped on.

Michael Clayton said...

I can see why some exceptional thinking is required in the long term, but for now we have a number of fundamental issues to fix with our political setup. Call me old fashioned if you like, but this requires to some good old common sense and yes, the injection of some ordinary thought.

Michael Clayton

Andrew Allison said...

Jury Team is a car crash. Take a look at some of the candidates' profiles. We all know they are not going to get elected, but if some of them did, God help us.

I believe in open primaries and our main political parties should use this system, however, the current closed system comes up with better candidates than Jury Team. The whole thing is a joke.

Claire Khaw said...

Hello all. Jury Team London MEP candidate here. I wonder if Andrew Allison perhaps means me when he is referring to the one of the "God Help Us" candidates.

This link will get you to me:

I think perhaps you are taking it too seriously though.

I don't want to be MEP really. I just want to promote my opinion polling direct democracy website

Michael Clayton said...

@ Andrew: When I look at your profile and what you stand for, I am a little surprised by your comment about the Jury Team. We also believe that people "should make the choices" which is why I am standing.

But I do hope you keep your faith if the Conservatives ever get in.