Friday, April 10, 2009

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Quantitative easing reaches Rutland

Our week at Bonkers Hall continues.


It is always pleasing when one can benefit the public weal whilst pursuing a private enthusiasm. As well as being an avid collector of paintings – I number several canvasses by Clement Freud’s niece Lucien amongst my haul – I have long been an accomplished amateur artist myself. My “Sunset Over Bonkers Hall”, for instance, may be found in the National Gallery in Oakham (of which I am a generous patron).

Hearing this talk of “quantitative easing”, I saw an opportunity to hit two birds with one fell swoop. I gave order that the Risograph I keep in the cellars here for the use of passing Focus editors be given over to producing Bank of Rutland five pound notes. I am rather proud of my etching for this, even if I have given the Duke rather a bulbous nose and his monocle features a little prominently for some tastes.

Lord Bonkers was Liberal MP for Rutland South-West 1906-10.

The week so far

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