Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Market Harborough ghost makes the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail reports:

This is the spooky moment a ghostly white apparition was caught on camera as it eerily floated through the air.

What appears to be a glowing white orb can clearly be seen emerging from a fireplace in a hair salon that was once a courthouse - and where criminals used to be hanged in the cellar.

The property's current owner, hairdresser Harry Browns, 35, said his customers have been plagued by spooky apparitions for years.

It happens that I used to work in the building in the 1980s. In those days it formed part of the headquarters of Golden Wonder, connected to a modern block next door. I never came across anything spooky, though I have heard of someone who saw a lavatory flush all by itself.

Incidentally, I can find nothing on my shelves to support the claim that anyone was hanged in this building or even that it was ever a courthouse.

Wishful thinking from the Mail?

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Anonymous said...

That story was in the Harborough Mail and The Sun and probably others. So what