Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday Times claims Ed Balls ran Labour's smears unit

From tomorrow's Sunday Times:
Ed Balls, the schools secretary, used Damian McBride, the disgraced spin doctor, to smear ministerial rivals and advance his own ambitions, a Downing Street whistleblower has claimed.
In an explosive new twist to the e-mail affair, a No 10 insider has revealed that Balls was the mastermind behind a “dark arts” operation by McBride to undermine colleagues.
He claims the education secretary is running a destabilising “shadow operation” inside Downing Street to clear his path for the party leadership if Labour loses the next election.
The insider said: “There is now an operation within an operation at No 10 and it answers to Ed Balls.”
Now see what the News of the World has to say.

I am enjoying this.

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dreamingspire said...

Recent statements by Balls-up suggest that he is still in the micro-managing mould. Time's up, Ed.