Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Carnival of the Liberals 88

Here is Ray Bradbury writing in Something Wicked This Way Comes:
A carnival should be all growls, roars like timberlands stacked, bundled, rolled and crashed, great explosions of lion dust, men ablaze with working anger, pop bottles jangling, horse brasses shivering, engines and elephants in full stampede through rains of sweat while zebras neighed and trembled and like cage trapped in cage.
I'll see what I can do. But, seeing it from across the Atlantic, something seems to have gone out of the American liberal blogosphere in the 18 months since I last hosted this carnival. A little brio, a touch of élan, a modicum of pizazz.

The reason is clear: you no longer have George W. Bush to hate.

Belief Systems and Others BS still looks back to his administration:
In short, it seems to me that institutionalized torture is a national sin, and that confession and renunciation of that sin will be a form of national healing. And I say we get on with it.
Meanwhile Atheist Revolution does its best to summon up some animus against the new President, complaining of Obama's continued support for Bush's faith-based initiatives and the role of religion in his administration more generally.

Also dealing with religion, Dating Islam looks at some common misconception about Islam.

And also dealing with Obama's government, The Primate Diaries looks at the campaign that prevented the appointment of Charles Freeman as Chief of the National Intelligence.

Moving on the the environment, Bay of Fundie takes on global-warming "denialism". I am usually suspicious of talk of "denial, believing that liberals should be welcomers of new ideas rather than upholders of the conventional wisdom, but this blog does it with such humour that I was won over.

Greg Laden's Blog tells a less humorous environmental tale. A former student of his has become involved with the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. I always suspect that one of the attractions of animal rights as a cause is that animals are never going to tell you not to patronise them, but perhaps I'm being unfair.

The Barefoot Badger is more my sort of environmentalism. Not so much for this post on a possible new environmental tax as for its obvious enjoyment of the natural world.

On the economy, Rust Belt Philosophy defends the morality of taxation and Killer Buffalo warns President Obama against his close relations with General Motors.

And to finish, Mad Kane can always be trusted to cheer us up:
The purported Republican budget
Has no numbers, so how can we judge it?
There’s no dollars or sense
In this PR offense.
It appears they decided to fudge it.
The next Carnival of the Liberals will be hosted by Johnny Pez on 22 April. Please make you nominations via the carnival homepage.

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Eric Michael Johnson said...

Thanks for including my post on the forced resignation of Obama's National Intelligence Chief. You've put together a great carnival.