Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A day with Chris Huhne and Sky News

First thing this morning I went to see about making a will. As I tweeted at the time, it does not shorten your life - unless you get knocked down by a car on the way home from the solicitor's.

Whilst there I met another of the partners - an old friend who generally used to pip me to the coveted title of best chess player in Market Harborough. He told me that one of our team-mates from those days had recently died.

Then it was off to London to interview Chris Huhne. While I was on the train to St Pancras Helen Duffett rang me. Without being to hear her very well, I agreed to appear on Sky News that evening as a Lib Dem blogger.

I have just written up the day for Friday's House Points, but in essence I repeated Chris's answers on Sky News and it seemed to work well. Thanks also to George Crozier at Cowley Street for some expert briefing.

After it was over I had a coffee with Helen and her son by Westminster tube station. The shop was playing a Steve Winwood song and Vince Cable walked past.

What more could you ask?


Helen Duffett said...

It was a very good evening, Jonathan. Thanks for coming along.

You did great both as interviewer and interviewee!

crewegwyn said...

You do live an exciting life!

And I bet Vince Cable went home and said "I walked past Jonathan Calder and Helen Dufett, but I was too shy to say hello".

Awestruck he was. Awestruck.