Monday, April 27, 2009

Direct trains from Rutland to London

East Midlands Trains have introduced a once-a-day service from Melton Mowbray and Oakham to London and back. Trains run through Corby and Kettering and pass over the mighty Welland Viaduct.

The Leicester Mercury quotes East Midlands Trains commercial director, David Horne, as saying:
"We're very excited to introduce the first direct service to London from Melton and Oakham in 40 years.It is a normal peak fare and the train runs at a time to suit the business traveller."
This enterprising move strengthens the impression that East Midlands Trains are making a better job of running things than their predecessors, Midland Mainline, who were looking at ways of reducing services last time the franchise came up.

We still have to suffer the forest of intimidating signs and unreasonable ticketing restrictions that are common to all privatised railways. But they are largely the fault of the Treasury for trying to squeeze so much out of the franchise holders and, through them, rail passengers.

Whether this service will lure a certain peer away from the Bonkers Hall Branch, which can be seen curving away through the undergrowth somewhere north of Market Harborough, remains to be seen.


dreamingspire said...

Tonight at IMechE, Tony Mercado, Director Rail Technical and Professional in the DfT’s Rail and National Networks Directorate, spoke on rail services in the 21st Century. He took a peep over the parapet of his silo but was not prepared to venture out.
From the web site: "Watch it online on 28 April with Playitback, our online catchup service. Bookmark now."

Duncan Borrowman said...

God help Lord Bonkers if his train should catch fire given East Midlands pitiful performance at Luton last night. See for more. Commenting from phone so can't give link to post.

crewegwyn said...

Not sure that the train will be quite in Lord B's class - no diner.