Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Titter

Another episode from Bonkers Hall.


I have always believed that it behoves one to keep abreast of the latest technological developments. I was, for instance, the first person in Rutland to have the telephone. It did not ring for several years because no one else owned one, but you take my point.

So I have signed up for this electric Twitter service – if you want to know what a number of prominent Liberal Democrat activists are having for breakfast it is quite the thing, and no doubt there is more to it than that.

Funnily enough, in the 1950s I subscribed to a similar arrangement whereby one was sent a telegram every time Frankie Howerd told a new joke.

It was called Titter.

Lord Bonkers was Liberal MP for Rutland South-West 1906-10.

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