Friday, April 17, 2009

South Yorkshire Labour branch suspended for over a year

From the South Yorkshire Times:

An ENTIRE South Yorkshire Labour Party branch has been suspended for over a YEAR – after an astonishing in-house row between its members, the Times can reveal.

At one stage, detectives were even drafted into the investigate fraud allegations, amid claims and counter-claims of "bullying and harassment". But no-wrong-doing was found.

The wrangle has resulted in the branch's activities being suspended until 2010 – amid Labour Party fears that the electorate will turn its back on the branch at next year's elections.

Labour chiefs have ordered a news blackout on the affair. An internal investigation report said all concerned should be warned that "speaking with/assisting the press will not be tolerated".

North Dearne is in Jeff Ennis's Barnsley East and Mexborough constituency.

Thanks to The Lone Voice.

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