Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jersey authorities trying to take down Stuart Syvret's blog

Some choice quotes from Stuart's latest posting:

I just wanted to alert all my readers to the fact that the cops are trying to hack my blog in an attempt to take it down or remove certain postings and comments.

They've been too thick to quite get there yet - but I imagine it's only a matter of time. I expect they'll have to get someone in who knows what they're doing.

Given it takes about 4 minutes to open a blogger account, I'll establish several others, under slightly different names - so if you return to this site and find it vanished - just google - or look at a few other Channel Island sites - and I'm sure you'll find links to my new blogs.

Suddenly - in the age of citizen media - after 800 years - the Establishment of this rock have lost control of the means of managing the opinions of the island's population at large.

The culture-shock is palpable.

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