Saturday, April 11, 2009

Emergency sitting of Jersey parliament called over Syvret arrest

From the Jersey Evening Post:

An emergency States sitting has been called in the wake of Senator Stuart Syvret’s arrest over data protection allegations.

Using an obscure and rarely enacted provision in the Standing Orders of the States, a group of seven Members have formally requisitioned an emergency sitting.

They say they want the States to consider the decisions taken by the police and Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand in relation to the arrest and detention of Senator Syvret.

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Anonymous said...

Senator Syvret's saga is quite a story now in the USA. With almost 140,000 readers of his blog, or well over the island's entire population, Syvret has indeed made his ongoing mistreatment a bit of an international cause celebre.

There is some talk of a movie being pitched, a fact based but not documentary type account of Jersey and its long spooky history of coverups. Probably the best life insurance for him, because his political situation seems untenable within the oligarchy.