Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Predicting the June Euro elections

Burson Marseller have set up Predict09.eu. It is:

a prediction of the outcome of the June 2009 European Parliament elections and the resulting make-up of the next European Parliament.

The prediction is based on a statistical model of the performance of national parties in European Parliament elections, developed by three leading political scientists: Simon Hix (London School of Economics), Michael Marsh (Trinity College Dublin), and Nick Vivyan (London School of Economics).

The prediction will be updated each week until the elections on 4-7 June.

Thanks to Curious Snippets.


Hywel said...

They are predicting we will get 19% of the vote. I don't think we've ever performed better or on parity with out opinion poll ratings. I'm not sure how much credibility to attach to this.

Vindico said...

Thanks for the link.
I think June 4th will be extremely interesting.