Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jersey police wipe John Hemming's number from Stuart Syvret's phone

John Hemming points us to this bizarre story from Channel Television:

The politician arrested last week for allegedly breaking data protection laws says Jersey police have erased numbers from his mobile phone.

Officers held Senator Stuart Syvret at the police station for seven hours last Monday after arresting him at his home in Grouville.

Yesterday, they returned a number of documents that were seized in the arrest.

But, when he tried to recall the telephone number of the UK Liberal Democrat MP, John Hemming, Senator Syvret found it had been deleted from his phone.

He said he believed police had deliberately erased it in order to "stop the political fallout" from his arrest.

"The police had this phone and its SIM card for six hours last Monday. They've obviously taken it out, copied the contents of the SIM card and certain key contact numbers, they've wiped," he said.

Channel TV also has a video on the story. In it Syvret claims that a number of journalists' numbers have been deleted too.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately for Senator Syvret and the good people of Jersey, the Oligarchy there cannot claim high intellegence.

By consistently overplaying their hand they look even more like a corrupt banana republic, and they shaft themselves internationally with these police state tactics. It isn't Stuart's criticism of Jersey which attracts more than 14,000 different readers to his blog; but rather the behavior of the almost Orwellian government which captures the imagination of the world.

Anonymous said...

Correction to the above comment: That should read "more than 140,000 different readers to his blog."

This is rather remarkable, given that Jersey's population is less than 90,000, and just points to increasing global interest in the human rights abuses, there.