Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Layla Moran criticises Lib Dems' general election strategy

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Readers with a particularly long memory will recall that this used to be a political blog. Trouble is, there's not much politics* around at the moment.

Still, the Guardian did report this morning that:
Layla Moran, the Liberal Democrat MP competing to become the party’s next leader, has castigated its tactics at the last election, saying a pledge to revoke Brexit lost it the trust of voters, while Jo Swinson’s talk of becoming prime minister was not seen as credible. 
Moran said the Lib Dem’s national image was “broken” and the party had to reconnect with voters and examine what it stood for after Brexit, or else risk “bumping along with 10% support and 10 or 11 MPs for a number of years”.
Hasn't Layla been saying this for some time now? Still, it's politics and Lib Dem politics at that.

* Or not much party politics. We may be living through an era that will change the country radically.


nigel hunter said...

the BBC4 'Contagion a BBC4 Pandemic' is a VERY INTERESTING programme that at the beginning shows a warehouse with Tamiflu and loads of boxes stating medical equipment.The NHS NEEDS the masks that are there as I hear they are short of them Politically therefore these stores have been held back and need releasing.The AUSTERITY that was a DELIBERATE Tory strategy is coming home to roost. We have only 2 companies producing the machinery needed for the NHS. This Govnt has walked away from EU funding schemes NOW JUST WHEN IT IS NEEDED the IDEOLOGY of BREXIT gets in the way of helping the people of the UK.
The Govnt is giving loans out left right and centre, no doubt at a low rate.Are they going to charge a higher rate to cream it back cos it is a debt that companies will be taking on. TROUBLE AHEAD.Supermarkets have warehouses full of goods to replenish store . However then they will have to restock cos of Brexit, .Will the 'Just in time 'system supply the goods for our Brexit or will there be shortages that will raise prices. Remember that OTHER countries are in the same boat as we for supplies . Will Johnson and his 'disingenuous' Party of 'fibbers' etc rise to the occasion.? OH, and looking at his photo's poor Boris looks knackered. Job not what he thought it was?

Is that a bit of ok politics for us to talk over

nigel hunter said...

Another gem!? Cummings (have not yet seen the BBC programme). His wife NEVER MENTIONED is deputy editor at the TORY Spectator paper. He is a TORY in all but membership. His relative owns Chillingham castle in Northumberland. CUMMINGS has ARISTOCRATIC leanings. His relative like DACRE ex of the Daily Mail get funds from the EU for his farm as does Cunmmings relative for his rare breed Chillingham cattle (been there) . They want out of the EU ,some thing that funds them ?
Your honour Judge (insert any name you wish) I propose that Cummings et al wants to drag the country back to PRE Victorian times when all had to doff our hats to the aristocracy that ruled us.

Phil Beesley said...

An interesting approach from Layla Moran, who presumably believes that the rest of the contenders think the Lib Dems ran a flawless campaign based on a genius strategy. It is as if she has suddenly come across four month old critiques of the general election debacle.

nigel hunter said...

How about another morsel to chew on!
ITV Wednesday night comedy!? Kate and Koji .A cafe owner talking to a chap ,Asylum seeker. He is a doctor NOT ALLOWED TO WORK cos of his position Has to live on £38 per week and therefore 'negotiates' a deal with the cafe owner.
Anyway the point is that in this day and age a doctor or nurse (even if not UK qualified) can work under supervision whilst this Coronavirus is about to help the HARD WORKED NHS to cope. Allowed to work he earns his money ,WILL PAY TAXES and can send money home to his family. They can then after accepted have a job THAT HELPS THE COUNTRY, funds his family (money goes abroad) and look after himself. Stays here in his adopted country OR goes back home with good vibes about the UK for its support in his time of need. The HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT that the Tories put in place is NOT what the country wants .It is ancient immoral ,nasty like them, NOT WHAT THE COUNTRY WANTS

David Evans said...

Layla Moran criticises Lib Dems' general election strategy - sadly like the rest of the candidates, about six months too late.