Monday, March 30, 2020

Wendy Chamberlain on potholes and social justice

Wendy Chamberlain, the new Liberal Democrat MP for North East Fife, is profiled by The House Magazine:
In keeping with her varied professional career, Chamberlain has a range of interests she wants to push from the backbenches. As well as a passion for veterans’ resettlement, she is a keen supporter of equal access to sports based on social background. ... 
“How many of our Olympians went to private school?” she asks, “How many talented children have we missed because they don’t get the opportunities for sports?” 
However, if she became prime minister, the first “really mundane” thing Chamberlain would do is invest in “a machine that deals with and eradicates potholes for good”.
Wendy comes over well in this piece, but I'd like our MPs to leave potholes to councillors and concentrate on social justice,

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