Sunday, March 15, 2020

Rushcliffe Halt on the Great Central - Nottingham

In theory it was easy to get to Rushcliffe Halt. Catch a bus from outside Loughborough station and ask to be set down at East Leake Gypsum Works.

Yet when I got to East Leake I found there were roadworks, with the result that the bus was radically diverted and did not go anywhere near the gypsum works.

I should not have been surprised. After all, I once wrote that:
The Great Central Railway - Nottingham is a bit of a mystery to those of us in Leicestershire. Rather like the Eastern Roman Empire.
But it took more than that to put me off. I walked from the centre of East Leake to Rushcliffe Halt and caught a train.


Phil Beesley said...

I've been scratching my head because I'm sure this area was part of a Liberal Party held County Council seat in the 1980s. Or am I thinking of a council by-election?

Jonathan Calder said...

We had at least one councillor in this part of the world. I met him in the late 1990s.