Friday, February 03, 2017

Conservative Home forecasts advances for the Liberal Democrats in May's local elections

Their headline is:

The coming local elections. Watch for a satisfied May, a beleaguered Corbyn…and a smug Farron

But then it is one of those irregular verbs: I am pleased, you are self-satisfied, he is smug.

So ignore that and cut to the chase:
Then, of course, there are the Lib Dems. A Labour loss is not always the same thing as a Conservative gain. I suspect Labour will take a huge beating from everyone on May 4th – Conservatives, Lib Dems, UKIP, SNP, Plaid… 
But the Lib Dems pose a threat to the Conservatives too. In Cornwall the Lib Dems are already in power, in coalition with independents. Could they sweep back in Somerset and Devon; which they held until 2009?
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Unknown said...

If the Tories take a hit from us in May they will put on a brave face ''The Government always take a hit half way through Parliament'' Theywill get angry and start playing dirty tricks 'cos their right to power will have taken a hit. As an insurance policy we must prepare for this. One way would be to counteract all the half truths that they will come out with by instantly threatening to go to court, to correct their statements INSTANTLY in focus leaflets. Beware!!!.