Sunday, February 04, 2018

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Pelted with sharpened carrots

Knowing what a wise old bird Lord Bonkers is, I would not wager much against Boris Johnson's career ending just as he foretells.

Pelted with sharpened carrots

There is nothing the people of London enjoy more than a good Cabinet reshuffle. From early morning the crowds gather to see the fun: flower girls, costermongers (whatever they are) and scruffy urchins all assemble at the gates of Downing Street (in my young day you could walk into Number 10 and demand pot of tea, but times change and not for the better) to observe the comings and goings.

If a particularly juicy reshuffle is expected then temporary grandstands may be erected and, depending on the season, sellers of ice cream or hot roast chestnuts do a roaring trade.

I joined the throng this morning. How we laughed when we heard Grayling had been made Chairman of the Conservative Party! Then we laughed because it was announced when he had not been. The strange Gavin Williamson was pelted with sharpened carrots and Jeremy Hunt was roundly booed.

I did not spot Boris Johnson today, but I remain convinced that his career will end with his being running down Whitehall in polka-dot boxer shorts pursued by an angry mob.

Lord Bonkers was Liberal MP for Rutland South West, 1906-10.

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