Friday, May 26, 2017

The “Katie Hopkins” project was bound to end in tears

I have put her in scare quotes because I have no idea if Katie Hopkins really holds the repugnant views she puts forward.

She was required to be continually outrageous but to avoid being so outrageous that she became a problem for the mainstream radio station that employed her. It is a wonder she lasted as long as she did.

And to keep up the “Katie Hopkins” brand she had to be equally outrageous on social media without any training in journalism or any editorial or legal support to fall back on. Again, it is no surprise she ended up in the libel courts.

But then “Katie Hopkins” was born out of The Apprentice, the programme where wannabe celebrities pretend to be Britain’s brightest young entrepreneurs.

If they were, they would be far too busy making money to compete for the doubtful privilege of a place in Alan Sugar’s company (as the prize was in those days).

Put her down as a victim of her own ambition and our amoral media world.

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