Friday, November 29, 2019

Higham Ferrers to lose its library

I started showing my holiday snaps of Higham Ferrers with Chichele College and had planned to visit the town's church next.

But this story from the Northamptonshire Telegraph intervened:
Higham Ferrers Library is up for sale and will most likely close at the end of the year. 
The library is being sold by the county council for £400,000 although the authority says it would still welcome offers for the building that would allow it to continue as a community managed library. ... 
Community organisation Higham Ferrers Library Group had been planning to take over Higham Ferrers library but decided it could not afford to do so earlier this year as they could not find the annual £19,000 in rent asked for by NCC and were unwilling to put their own finances in jeopardy.
Will any local services survive much more Conservative national and local government?

Higham Ferrers library was built in 1904 as the town's parish rooms. Pevsner says it was designed by Talbot Brown in 'an attractive Northants vernacular Jacobean manner'.

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