Friday, November 01, 2019

Matthew Parris has left the Conservatives and will vote Lib Dem

Photo: Nick Moyes
Matthew Parris uses his latest Times column to make an announcement:
The day I left parliament in 1986, however, I made a promise to myself: never would I do anything to undermine my outstanding successor, Patrick McLoughlin MP, now a Companion of Honour, whose long career as a humane, deft, steady, middle-of-the-road pro-European Tory remains a lesson in careful management. 
On Wednesday Sir Patrick confirmed he will not be standing in this coming general election. This releases me from my promise. Despair is no longer enough: finally one must act. So with this column I’m leaving the Conservative Party.
Not only that:
I am a conservative not a Liberal Democrat but will unhesitatingly vote Lib Dem to defeat Tory zealotry over Europe, this time. 
So should every former Tory voter who still believes it would be folly for Britain to leave the European Union.
It's a very good column, and everyone can read it because it is to be found on this side of the Times's paywall.

Parris central argument is the one I once made on this blog: Brexit is the least Conservative measure you can imagine.

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