Saturday, November 02, 2019

Six of the Best 891

"Conservatives are at their best when they are terrified. The fear of losing everything persuades them to give ground on some things," argues Nick Cohen, but they are not frightened enough of a Labour government.

Chris Dillow says that for market economics "every billionaire is a market failure - a sign that competition has failed".

"Some are epic tales of the ancient kings who battled to rule Britain. Others are books about bakers in abandoned northern towns or novels about mild-mannered fascists in 1930s rural England." Donna Ferguson on the rise of Brexlit.

Eleanor Gibson looks at the Italian architect Stefano Boeri's plans for a forested smart city in Mexico that is designed to be a pioneer of more eco-efficient developments.

"There is an excellent commitment to show Blake’s work as it originally came to an audience, not just in framed works hanging on a wall." Philip Hensher visits Tate Britain's William Blake exhibition.

Janine Moore admires Southwell Minster.

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nigel hunter said...

Reading the article leads me to think they are only for the 'elite'