Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Rutland and Melton general election candidate dies

Anthony Watchorn, who was standing as an independent candidate in Rutland and Melton at next month's general election, died this morning.

When I heard the news I thought it  would mean that polling would be postponed in that constituency, as happened in Thirsk and Malton in 2010 when the Ukip candidate dies during the campaign.

But the Leicester Mercury quotes a spokeswoman for Melton Borough Council as saying:
"We have been advised of the death of Mr Watchorn, who was standing as an Independent Candidate for the Rutland and Melton Constituency. 
In such circumstances, and in line with Representation of the People Act 1983, we can confirm that the election will continue as normal and Mr Watchorn’s name shall remain on the ballot paper."
It transpires that polling is postponed if a candidate from a registered party dies during the contest, but not if an independent dies.

So some candidates are more equal than others.

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