Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn is stuck up the Wrekin

The most endearing thing I have ever heard about Jeremy Corbyn was a story told to the Shropshire Star by his teenage friend Peter Harrison:
We were drinking and it was May Day the following day, and asking what we were going to do to celebrate, and next thing you know one said, 'Why not go up The Wrekin and plant the red flag?' 
"If I remember correctly one of them made the red flag and we took it to the top of The Wrekin and tied it to the trig point and we all sang the Red Flag and came down, and went to the Raven and had a few more pints."
But there was something Mr Harrison added that has stayed with me too:
"I knew him when we were 18 or 19, and his views have not changed. We are talking about the thick end of 50 years ago."
In other words, what Jeremy Corbyn is offering the British people is unreformed 1970s left-wing Labourism.

Some have been outraged today that Corbyn has "changed his mind" on Europe and now supports Brexit.

But I suspect that was his view all along. Left-wing opinion in the Labour Party in the 1970s was deeply suspicious of the European Economic Community.

Jeremy Corbyn's politics are still stuck up the Wrekin.

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