Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow in Wensleydale, 1981

A topical photo, but it was taken on the same day as I shot the milepost at Redmire: 25 April 1981.

After getting to Redmire, a couple of university friends and I walked back down the valley through the village of Wensley to Leyburn.

There we were allowed to thaw out in the railwaymen's mess room while we waited for the train back to York.

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David B said...

Sounds like one of those lovely memorable days. I recall my father and I jumping into the car at silly o'clock in the morning at our Middlesbrough house to be one of the first into the new heavy snow in the Esk Valley (never Eskdale!) and the first to break the surface in the remote Great Fryup Dale. The silence of snow, the trickle of the beck, the crunch of boot on drift, the 'wind busked cheeks'. 30 years ago but remember it as though it were yesterday.