Sunday, April 23, 2017

Former transport minister Norman Baker has his own bus company

Many former Liberal Democrat MPs are working hard to win their seats back on 8 June.
But, reports Mark Leftly in the Guardian, Norman Baker has other plans:
Rather than knocking on doors, Baker will be taking delivery of Britain’s first electric-powered bus on Monday. Last month, he became managing director at the Big Lemon, a 10-year-old, eco-friendly bus operator in Brighton, where its single-deckers run on cooking oil – 112 tonnes of fat was used to fuel 16 buses and coaches for nearly 220,000 miles last year. 
Partly through crowdfunding and two-year bonds of £100 each to the local community, the Big Lemon last year raised £250,000 to convert two 25-seater buses to run on electricity deriving from solar power. More than 120 panels have been installed on the depot in Brighton, where the buses will be charged at night.
Nor is Norman neglecting his music career:
As well as promoting his buses, Baker hosts local radio shows on Sundays and Mondays that play music from the past 100 years and obscure B-sides from the 1960s. Music rather than politics is Baker’s first love. 
He was once a regional director for Our Price and has been lead singer “on and off” of the Reform Club for 23 years. Indeed, when Cable and Davey are hitting the doorsteps on Saturday, Baker will be singing outside the Pump House pub near Brighton pier.
You can hear the Reform Club elsewhere on this blog.

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Unknown said...

This is the future for buses. We should be using this in our campaigns inform Ed Davey, this is the way to go