Sunday, April 23, 2017

Leicester Tories to target Liz Kendall (with swords and sandals)

The Leicester Mercury tells us that the Conservatives have yet to select their candidates for the three city constituencies:
However the Mercury understands a number of Tory hopefuls would like a crack at Leicester West where Labour's Liz Kendall will defend a 7,000 majority. 
Leicester branch chairman Jack Hickey, who has said he will not seek to become a candidate himself, said: "West is the target. It's where we think we can do well. 
"We are huge underdogs. We are outnumbered, we are outmatched but we are like the 300 Spartans. 
"We are fewer but we are better."
All rather fanciful, particularly as West was the one Leicester seat the Tories failed to win in 1983.

But it does give me an excuse to use this photograph of a Loughborough chip shop I took yesterday.

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